EMDC has a labour catchment area containing a potential 281,191 employees within a 40-minute drive time of the site. So this centre of national importance is also in an ideal position to serve the needs of regional and sub-regional businesses. Castle Donington provides all of the supplementary facilities a workforce might need

Conceived as a national distribution hub, EMDC plugs directly into the UK’s transport networks, putting 70% of the population within two hours drive time. This vast development gives occupiers the modal choice vital to implementing a truly effective supply chain.

The dedicated rail link into EMDC connects the site to the pan-European rail network, enabling multi-modal transport options. EMDC is also close to East Midlands Airport (2 miles), the second largest freight airport in the UK. Its central location, accessibility to the road network, seaport, airport and rail infrastructure makes EMDC a fully multi-modal distribution centre.

Drive Times


Location KM's Miles Drive Time
M1 (J24a) 4.5 2.8 00hr 05min
Derby 17.7 11 00hr 17min
Nottingham 23.7 14.7 00hr 27min
Leicester 36.5 22.7 00hr 36min
Birmingham 64.9 40.3 00hr 48min
Manchester 139.7 86.8 01hr 53min
London 193.9 120.5 02hr 32min
Hull 160.6 99.8 01hr 42min
Felixstowe 269 167.1 02hr 57min
East Midlands Airport 7.2 4.5 00hr 13min
Birmingham Airport 62.6 38.9 00hr 49min
Manchester Airport 129 80.2 01hr 36min
Heathrow 195.3 122 02hr 11min

Rail Times

East Midlands Parkway

Location Rail Time
London St Pancras International 01hr 30min
Birmingham New Street 01hr 00min
Sheffield 00hr 53min
Manchester Piccadilly 02hr 15min
Leeds 02hr 00min
Leicester 00hr 16min
Nottingham 00hr 13min
Derby 00hr 15min